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Welcome! Nic Pandolfi: where creativity meets excellence in media content production. With a myriad of prestigious awards adorning his career, Nic Pandolfi stands tall (5ft 9′) as a luminary in the realm of media content creation. As a versatile voice actor, Nic has lent his voice to collaborate with FTSE 100 listed businesses, graced the airwaves of UK radio across all formats, and left his mark on television, film, and the illustrious stages of London’s West End.

From his beginnings as a child actor, Nic has sculpted a multifaceted career that navigates the ever-evolving landscape of media content. Renowned for his originality and innovation, Nic is the go-to authority for crafting bespoke content solutions and devising media engagement strategies that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

Enhance your digital media presence with compelling audio content, expert voice-over, and engaging narration. Elevate your video productions with strategic integration of these elements, crafting a seamless and impactful viewer experience. Utilise effective digital media strategies to maximize reach and engagement, ensuring your content captivates your audience and leaves a lasting impression.

40 years +

For more than four decades, having worked across TV, Film and Theatre, Nic crafted one of the most diverses careers of his generation. His experience and connections have mapped an unrivaled understanding of the media and content worlds. 

Nic Pandolfi has connected with audiences, through his wit and ability to relax others to share their stories across formats. Nic has garnered widespread acclaim, twice clinching a prestigious BBC award. With a diverse portfolio spanning television, film, and theatre, his catalogue of experience lead to being invited to support a series of groundbreaking initiatives funded by BAFTA, which spearheaded transformative community projects, uniting young creative minds in East London. It is this wealth of experience and versatility that Nic brings to clients needs.

What he does

Nic Pandolfi’s artistic journey is a vibrant fusion of his diverse heritage. His creations are a testament to this cultural richness, captivating hearts and transcending boundaries.

With an esteemed clientele that includes ITV X, BAFTA, BBC Studios, BBC Radio 4, BBC Sounds, Pier Productions, Lloyds Banking Group, Sky, Odeon, and Disney, Nic is entrusted with bringing visions to life. Each collaboration showcases the enchantment he effortlessly weaves into his work.


Voice-over services for independent productions. Narration for commercials, video, film and television. Character voices for gaming sector.

Content Creation

Original content through audio, film,TV & video. Comedy shorts and business narratives.


Broadcast content for network radio and television in the UK. Video and Audio.


Commercial voice,speech radio presentation, podcasts, content and radio drama


Nic has worked with brands as diverse as Typhoo, Lloyds Bank, Harrods, Disney, and Pinewood Studios.

If The Cukoo Don't Crow

Nic devised the story and character of Brian from Melton which as a short piece of radio content which went viral and was featured in The Sunday Times and CNN and still keeps people smiling to this day.

All About Adnams

When UK super brand, Adnams of Southwold, wanted to showcase the process of Ale production, they turned to Nic, as featured in this film. Nic is also the voice guests hear when booking across the Adnams property portfolio.

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Explore the captivating universe of Nic Pandolfi – a voice that resonates, a presence that lingers, and a creative force that knows no bounds. Join him on a journey where sound and storytelling converge, leaving an indelible mark on media and igniting the imagination of audiences worldwide.