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Welcome to the world of Nic Pandolfi: A British-born voice actor and content creator, deeply rooted in his British Italian heritage, who has graced the realms of UK media for over three decades. With an illustrious career spanning more than thirty years, Nic’s unmistakable voice and familiar presence have become synonymous with the airwaves.

40 years +

For over twenty years, Nic Pandolfi has been a captivating radio personality, enchanting audiences with his charismatic and dynamic presentations. His unparalleled talent has earned him numerous accolades, including the prestigious BBC Radio Presenter of the Year award twice, bestowed upon him with the esteemed Frank Gillard Awards.

But Nic’s influence transcends the airwaves – his versatile portfolio encompasses television, film, radio, and captivating hosting endeavors. He’s not just an entertainer; he’s a visionary behind groundbreaking BAFTA-funded community projects, uniting inner London creatives in a symphony of innovation and artistry.

Commercial voice work and compelling narration are Nic’s forte, breathing life into campaigns that resonate with audiences worldwide. His commanding presence and engaging delivery make every project an unforgettable experience. Moreover, Nic’s collaborations extend across borders, as he orchestrates remarkable video productions and short films in partnership with talented creators from the UK and the US, alongside a team of accomplished animators.

What I Do

Nic Pandolfi’s world is a tapestry woven with family connections stretching from the vibrant streets of London to the historic charm of Bologna and the bustling energy of New York City. His diverse heritage infuses his work with a rich cultural blend that captivates hearts and transcends boundaries.

A distinguished clientele entrusts their visions to Nic’s artistic prowess. ITV X, BAFTA, BBC Studios, BBC Radio 4, BBC Sounds, Pier Productions, Lloyds Banking Group, Sky, Odeon and Disney have all borne witness to the magic Nic brings to every collaboration.


Voice-over services for independent productions. Narration for film and television documentaries.

Content Creation

Marketing content through film, video and podcast audio. Media strategy planning for high growth business teams and individuals.


Broadcast content for network radio and television in the UK, New Zealand and North America. Clients include CBS, Magic Talk and BBC Sounds.


Nic is a multi-award-winning talk broadcaster – BBC Presenter of the Year, NTL Award, Radio Academy content commendation. Nic has presented breakfast radio for the Harrods Group, commercial radio in Kent, London and Suffolk. He is heard as a UK correspondent in New York and across New Zealand.


Nic has worked with brands as diverse as Typhoo, Lloyds Bank, Harrods, Disney, and Pinewood Studios.

If The Cukoo Don't Crow

Nic devised the story and character of Brian from Melton which as a short piece of radio content which went viral and was featured in The Sunday Times and CNN and still keeps people smiling to this day.

All About Adnams

When UK super brand, Adnams of Southwold, wanted to showcase the process of Ale production, they turned to Nic, as featured in this film. Nic is also the voice guests hear when booking across the Adnams property portfolio.

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Explore the captivating universe of Nic Pandolfi – a voice that resonates, a presence that lingers, and a creative force that knows no bounds. Join him on a journey where sound and storytelling converge, leaving an indelible mark on media and igniting the imagination of audiences worldwide.